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Research paper
Assessment of Varietal Attributes of Okra under Foliar Application of Zinc and Boron

Mahrin Binta Jahir Maliha; Mohammed Nuruzzaman; Belayet Hossain; Fariha Ahmed Trina; Nizam Uddin; Sajon Sarkar

Volume 9, Issue 2 , April 2022, Pages 143-149


  Micronutrients are required in small quantities for plant growth and development, nevertheless are indispensable for crop production. Soil application method of fertilizer is very common method for plant nutrition but foliar fertilization also plays effective role under certain circumstances. ZnSO4 applied ...  Read More

Research paper
Phylogenetic, Genetic Diversity, and Population Structure Analysis of Iranian Black Cumin (Nigella sativa L.) Genotypes using ISSR Molecular Markers

Narges Mehri; Mehdi Mohebodini; Mahdi Behnamian; Karim Farmanpour-Kalalagh

Volume 9, Issue 2 , April 2022, Pages 151-163


  Black cumin (Nigella sativa L.) is one of the most important plants in terms of medicine and economics in the world. Breeding of black cumin genotypes by using biotechnology and phytochemistry has always been an important area of different studies. In this study, 24 ISSR molecular markers were used to ...  Read More

Research paper
Effects of Chemical Seed Priming on Germination and Antioxidant Enzymes Activity of Two Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Cultivars

Mana Mombeini; Naser Alamzadeh Ansari; Vahid Abdossi; abdali Naseri

Volume 9, Issue 2 , April 2022, Pages 165-175


  Seed priming is one of the most important measures in propagation of plants by seed, which leads to increase of percentage and rate of germination. This study was conducted as a factorial arrangement in a completely randomised design on two farm cucumber cultivars (‘Impress’ and ‘Emperor’). ...  Read More

Research paper
Calcium Ascorbate Attenuates Chilling Injury of Tomato Seedlings by Altering the Bioactivity of Phenolic Compounds

Mehdi Nazari; Mohammad Sayyari

Volume 9, Issue 2 , April 2022, Pages 177-184


  The present investigations focused on the role of calcium ascorbate (CaAsc) on tomato seedlings under low-temperature stress. Study was conducted by spraying aqueous solution of CaAsc at 0, 50, and 100 mM, on tomato seedlings with 5-7 true leaves in order to counteract the adverse impacts of chilling ...  Read More

Research paper
Yield Stability of Melon Genotypes under Drought Stress Conditions

Hossein Astaraki; Hossein Ramshini; Mahmoud Lotfi; Ali Izadi Darbandi

Volume 9, Issue 2 , April 2022, Pages 185-199


  Development of cultivars with high yield under normal conditions and maintaining their yield under abiotic stresses is the main purpose of plant breeding programs in arid and semi-arid areas. The present study aimed to evaluate the yield stability of a collection of commercial melon varieties under drought ...  Read More

Research paper
Identification of Suitable Parents for Essential Oil Yield in Coriander Half-sib Families under Different Environmental Conditions

Aram Sharifi-Zagheh; Amir Gholizadeh; Behzad Sorkhilalehloo; Mostafa Khodadadi

Volume 9, Issue 2 , April 2022, Pages 201-212


  Development of drought-tolerant cultivars with high essential oil yield is important for production of medicinal plants. So far application of half-sib mating has not been used in the coriander breeding for high essential oil yield and drought tolerance. In this study, 14 half-sib families of coriander ...  Read More

Research paper
Silicon Improves Strawberry Ability to Cope with Water Deficit Stress

Sahar Toupchizadeh Tabrizian; Jafar Hajilou; Sahebali Bolandnazar; Gholamreza Dehghan

Volume 9, Issue 2 , April 2022, Pages 213-226


  Strawberry is one of the most important commercial fruits. This research aimed to ameliorate the negative effects of water deficit stress using silicon application on strawberry. The experiment was conducted as a factorial in a completely randomized design with three factors including cultivar (‘Selva’ ...  Read More

Research paper
Induction of Resistance to Macrosiphum rosae by Foliar Applicatrion of Salicylic Acid and Potassium Sulfate in Rose Plant

Morteza Mirza Hosseini Zarandi; Maryam Pahlavan Yali; Kamal Ahmadi

Volume 9, Issue 2 , April 2022, Pages 227-236


  The rose aphid, Macrosiphum rosae (L.) (Hemiptera: Aphididae), is one of the most important pests on Rosa species, which cause serious damage to plants. Salicylic acid (SA) and Potassium sulfate (PS) have the potential to affect the population of pests on plants. In this study, different concentrations ...  Read More

Research paper
Determination of the Best Culture Medium and Plant Growth Regulators for Micropropagation of Neem Tree (Azadirachta indica A.Juss)

Aminu Mallam Bello; Kazem Kamali Aliabad; Afagh Tabandeh Saravi; Hamid Sodaei Zade

Volume 9, Issue 2 , April 2022, Pages 237-245


  Azadirachta indica is a tree with high medicinal value that is conventionally propagated by seed while exhibiting heterozygosity. The aim of this research was to determine the best culture media and plant growth regulators for the micropropagation of Neem. Lateral and terminal buds of A. indica were ...  Read More

Research paper
Effect of Foliar Application of Growth Regulators on Growth and Yield of Onion (Allium cepa)

Dabit Bista; Dikshya Sapkota; Hemanta Paudel; Gaurav Adhikari

Volume 9, Issue 2 , April 2022, Pages 247-254


  A field experiment was conducted at Horticulture Farm of Agriculture and Forestry University, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal from 1 December to30 April of 2018/19 to evaluate the effect of plant growth regulators on onion (Allium cepa cv. Nasik-53). The experiment was laid out in a Randomized Complete Block ...  Read More