1. Responses of ‘Chandler’ Walnut Variety Grafted onto Different Rootstocks to Salt Stress

Yasar Akca; Umut Sahin

Volume 9, Issue 1 , Winter 2022, , Pages 1-13


  To investigate effects of salinity stress on growth, nutrient status, chlorophyll and water consumption, four different saline irrigation waters (S0= 0.3 dS/m-1 control, S1=1.5 dS/m-1, S2=3 dS/m-1, S3=5 dS/m-1) were applied to two-year Chandler saplings which were grafted on Juglans nigra L. (JN), Paradox ...  Read More

2. Potential Aspects of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria to Improve Horticultural Crop Production

Oksana Lastochkina; Darya Garshina; Chulpan Allagulova; Liudmila Pusenkova; Svetlana Garipova; Dilara Maslennikova; Kristina Fedorova; Irina Shpirnaya; Almaz Ibragimov; Igor Koryakov; Azalia Sakhapova; Guzel Yuldasbaeva; Anastasia Dmitrieva; Mohammadhadi Sobhani; Sasan Aliniaeifard

Volume 8, Issue 2 , Spring 2021, , Pages 103-122


  Beneficial microorganisms which help plants to grow better especially under stress conditions are known as plant growth-promoting bacteria (PGPB). These biotic agents, especially Bacillus subtilis have well-known role in plant growth promotion and induction of tolerance to stress in plants. They are ...  Read More