Effects of Different Light Sources on Shoot to Root Ratio and Intumescence Incidence in Tomato Seedlings Grown in a Commercial Closed Seedling Production System

Yoko Miyama

Volume 10, Special issue (Light in horticulture) , December 2023, , Pages 1-8


  Intumescence is a physiological disorder in which cell walls are disrupted. Intumescence causes leaf deformation, browning and defoliation, and commonly affects tomato plants. This is a limitation in seedling production. The causes of intumescence are not known; however, ultraviolet (UV) deficiency is ...  Read More

Effects of Supplemental Light Quality at the End of Day on Herb Production and some Phytochemical Properties of Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis L.)

Fahimeh Aghakarim; Hassan Sarikhani; Ali Azizi

Volume 10, Special issue (Light in horticulture) , December 2023, , Pages 66-88


  Increasing day length during the short photoperiod in fall and winter is a beneficial means of increasing biomass production and altering plant morphology and phytochemistry. The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of light quality at the end of the day (EoD) on the growth and phytochemical ...  Read More

Interaction of Light Quality and EC of Nutrition Solution on Seedling Quality, Growth, and Physiology of Cucumber Seedlings

Naser Askari; Saber Gilani; Hossein Meighani; Amanollah Soleimani; Reza Ghahremani

Volume 10, Special issue (Light in horticulture) , December 2023, , Pages 97-112


  Optimizing light and nutrient circumstances has a key role in seedling quality and yield performance of cucumber seedling. The combined effects of light quality {blue (B), white [W; 41 % B, 39 % intermediate, and 20 % red (R)], RB [red (80 %) and blue (20%)], and R} and nutrient solution EC (1, 1.7, ...  Read More

Growth and Photosynthetic Performance of Calendula officinalis under Monochromatic Red Light

Sasan Aliniaeifard; Mehdi Seif; Mostafa Arab; Mahboobeh Zare Mehrjerdi; Tao Li; Oksana Lastochkina

Volume 5, Issue 1 , June 2018, , Pages 123-132


  Light is the driving force for plant photosynthesis. Different attributes of light (e.g. intensity, spectrum and duration) can influence plant growth and development. We studied growth and photosystem II performance ofEnglish marigold cut flowers under red (635-665 nm) and white (420-700 nm) LEDs. Although ...  Read More