Effect of Sun-Drying and Roasting on Pistachio Quality and Health Benefits

Fatemeh Nazoori; Elaheh ZamaniBahramabadi; Hossein Rezaei

Volume 11, Issue 3 , July 2024, , Pages 299-308


  Since processing may affect the quality and benefits of foods, a study was conducted to compare some properties of fresh, sun-dried (constant water content of 4%) and oven-roasted (130 °C for 25 min) pistachio nuts of two cultivars. Carotenoid, iron, copper, manganese, total saturated, total unsaturated, ...  Read More

Phytochemical and Morphological Features of Moldavian Balm (Dracocephalum moldavica L.) and Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) in Intercropping and Pure Stand Cultivation Systems and Different Fertilizer Sources

Lida Ganbari Torkamany; Hassan Mahdavikia; Esmaeil Rezaei-Chiyaneh; Mohsen Barin; Martin Leonardo Battaglia

Volume 10, Issue 3 , July 2023, , Pages 237-256


  To determine effects of different fertilizer sources on the yield and quality parameters of Moldavian balm (MB) in intercropping with Fenugreek (FG), two factors were analyzed. The first one included three cropping patterns: MB pure stand, FG pure stand, and intercropping of two rows of MB with two rows ...  Read More

Fatty Acid Profiling and Oil Content Variation among Iranian Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill. var. vulgare) Landraces

Ali Izadi-Darbandi; Azam Akbari; Keivan Bahmani; Ryan Warner; Mohsen Ebrahimi; Hossein Ramshini

Volume 10, Issue 2 , April 2023, , Pages 193-202


  In this study, 50 Iranian fennel landraces from different phenological types, were evaluated for their oil content and fatty acid profile. Landraces were categorized into three phenological groups: Late (180 days), Medium (140 days) and early maturity habit (110 days). The highest fatty acid content ...  Read More

Comparison and Evaluation of Oil Content, Composition and Antioxidant Properties of Pistacia atlantica and Pistacia khinjuk Grown as Wild

Saeid Hazrati; Mostafa Govahi; Mohammad-Taghi Ebadi; Farhad Habibzadeh

Volume 7, Issue 2 , April 2020, , Pages 165-174


  The growing demands of consumers for edible seed oils containing high unsaturated fatty acid and antioxidant content have resulted in considerable efforts to investigate plants as possible sources of oils and nuts. In this research, the amount of fatty acid compositions, total flavonoid, phenol and antioxidant ...  Read More