Document Type : Research paper


1 Pomology Division, Horticulture Research Centre, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI)

2 Department of Horticulture, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU)



In a two-phase experiment during 2018 and 2021, propagation success of avocado was evaluated against three types of grafting (cleft, veneer and splice) and two types of budding (T and patch) practiced at the 3rd week of February, April, June, August, October and December considering the atmosphere of the six seasons (spring, summer, rain, autumn, late autumn and winter, respectively) of Bangladesh. Cleft grafting operated during the spring season demonstrated statistical superiority by exhibiting earlier bud sprouting (25.58 days) and better sapling qualities (16.27 cm scion growth and 14.57 leaves sapling-1), and producing significantly maximum transplantable propagules after ten months of grafting compared to all other combinations. But commercial multiplication couldn’t be satisfied with only 48.00% success rate at the best combination. Thereafter, a post-grafting etiolation was applied to the spring season’s cleft grafts. Out of 72-hour, 120-hour, 168-hour and 216-hour etiolation and control (non-etiolation), etiolation up to 120-hour significantly augmented the success rate compared to control but 216-hour etiolation treatment failed to produce any successful grafts. The earliest bud sprouting (21.37 days) with statistically maximum bud sprouts (86.00%) and transplantable grafts (78.67%) of superior quality was obtained from 120-hour etiolation compared to other treatments, while control treatment produced only 49.33% transplantable grafts. Thus, 120-hour etiolation produced 59.46% more transplants over non-etiolation. T-budding and winter season were noted as the statistically worst technique and time for avocado grafting. Veneer grafting and autumn season were demonstrated as the second best options. Therefore, post-grafting treatment is suggested for vegetative propagation of avocado.