Document Type : Research paper


1 Date Palm Research Center, University of Basrah, Basrah, Iraq

2 Department of Plant Production and Genetics, Faculty of Agriculture, Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University of Khuzestan, Ahvaz, Iran

3 Department of Horticulture and Landscaping, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq



This study evaluated the effects of date palm wastes + soil (1:1 v/v), perlite + soil (1:1 v/v) and soil with no additive, along with the spraying of MgSO4.7H2O at (0, 50 and, 100 mg. L-1) on the growth and flowering of potted Gerbera. The results showed that adding date palm wastes to the soil significantly increased plant height to 30.36 cm, number of leaves (6.91), branches (11.35) and suckers (3.39/ plant). Also nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium contents in leaves recorded: 2.18 %, 0.28 %, and 2.34 %, respectively. Leaf dry matter raised to 20.63 % as well. Moreover, adding date palm wastes+ soil increased chlorophyll, carbohydrates, and protein contents in leaf to 1.76 mg/g. fresh wt., 14.14 % and 13.64 % respectively, as well as flower stalk diameter to 0.346 cm and the vase life to 12.26 days. Magnesium improved plant height to 27.75 cm, number of suckers to 3.05/ plant and leaf area to 136.3 cm2. Likewise, there were increases in N (1.96 %), P (0.25 %), and K (2.03 %), chlorophyll (1.45 mg/g. fresh wt.), carbohydrates (13.27 %) and protein (12.28 %). The flower stalk diameter became thicker when increasing the concentration of Mg and scored 0.393 cm. Also, Mg at 100 mg. L-1 raised vase life to 11.08 days. Some interferences between the media and magnesium treatments were significantly effective as the longest vase life (12.79 days) occurred in plants grown on date-palm wastes+ soil and were treated with 100 mg. L-1 of Mg.


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