Document Type : Research paper


Department of Horticultural Science, Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran


Cadaman Avimag rootstock is widely used for almonds and peaches. The purpose of this study
was to investigate the effect of light quality on micropropagation, and some morphological and
physiological properties of this rootstock. Single node explants were cultured on WPM and MS
media containing three levels of BA (0, 1 and 2 mg L-1) and three levels of NAA (0, 0.05 and
0.1 mg L-1). WPM medium containing 2 mg L-1 BA and 0.1 mg L-1 NAA was selected for
different light quality treatments including fluorescent, red, and red+blue lights. Results showed
that light quality had a significant effect on shoot proliferation, length and diameter, node
number, shoot fresh and dry weights, leaf thickness, stomata number, and chlorophyll
concentration. Red light resulted in higher shoot diameter, but crunchiness and lack of proper
shoot growth. Moreover, red light produced the lowest amount of chlorophyll in the explants.
Leaf thickness and its structural layers under the red light were the lowest among different
treatments. Combined red+blue light in many factors resembled fluorescent light but induced
more chlorophyll and a larger stomata size. The quality of light influenced the growth of this
rootstock in vitro, and affected the stem and leaf vegetative traits.


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Effect of Light Quality on Micropropagation and Some Morphological Properties of … 65
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