Maximizing Tomato Seed Germination: Quantifying Cardinal Temperatures and Thermal Time Requirements

Bahman Jafari; Mojtaba Kordrostami; Ali Akbar Ghasemi-Soloklui

Volume 11, Issue 1 , January 2024, , Pages 83-94

  Seed germination is a crucial stage in the life cycle of plants. It determines their growth and reproduction success. Temperature is one of the most important environmental factors that affect seed germination. This research aimed to estimate the cardinal temperatures and the thermal time requirement ...  Read More

Effects of Photo-selective Shade Net Color and Shading Percentage on Reducing Sunburn and Increasing the Quantity and Quality of Pomegranate Fruit

Vahideh Narjesi; Javad Fatahi Moghadam; Ali Akbar Ghasemi-Soloklui

Volume 10, Special issue (Light in horticulture) , December 2023, , Pages 25-38

  A prevalent problem in pomegranate fruit (Punica granatum L.) is sun damage that decreases the quantity and quality of fruit. The objective of the current research was to evaluate the effects of different photoselective shade net colors and shading percentages on growth traits and pomegranate fruit quality ...  Read More