Photoinhibition in Horticultural Crops: An Overview of the Effect of Light Quality and Signaling in the Underlying Photoprotection Mechanisms

Aida Shomali; Oksana Vladimirovna Lastochkina; Mohammad Mohammadian; Anshu Rastogi; Massimo Bosacchi; Tao li; Sasan Aliniaeifard

Volume 10, Special issue (Light in horticulture) , December 2023, , Pages 39-50

  Acclimation to the privileged lighting environment is an important step for the survival of newly developed horticultural plants such as transplants, tissue culture-generated plants, and mature plants when a change occurs in light intensity during the growth period or even during one full day. Capturing ...  Read More

Growth and Photosynthetic Performance of Calendula officinalis under Monochromatic Red Light

Sasan Aliniaeifard; Mehdi Seif; Mostafa Arab; Mahboobeh Zare Mehrjerdi; Tao Li; Oksana Lastochkina

Volume 5, Issue 1 , June 2018, , Pages 123-132

  Light is the driving force for plant photosynthesis. Different attributes of light (e.g. intensity, spectrum and duration) can influence plant growth and development. We studied growth and photosystem II performance ofEnglish marigold cut flowers under red (635-665 nm) and white (420-700 nm) LEDs. Although ...  Read More

Light Distribution in Chinese Solar Greenhouse and Its Effect on Plant Growth

Li Tao; Zhang Yu-Qi; Zhang Yi; Cheng Rui-Feng; Yang Qi-Chang

Volume 3, Issue 2 , December 2016, , Pages 99-111

  Chinese solar greenhouse (CSG) is universally applied in northern China for producing horticultural products. CSG is characterized by the unbalanced structures with an arched front roof face to the south side and a thick wall as well as back roof in the north side. Such structures affect light distribution ...  Read More